Idea out of necessity

Hi Guys! Wanted some thoughts on a project I'm thinking of embarking on...

I run a recording studio, and own an analog console, an MCI JH428. I'd like to retrofit it with an analog automation system, but one of the only manufacturing companies still making these things is Martinsound, with their Flying Faders system. But, it costs around 50K. So, I'm thinking of designing one from the ground up using Arduino!

Here is the basic idea. Get a 2 channel analog motorized fader, One channel for analog audio, one for fader position detection, and use the fader to record MIDI information into a MIDI sequencer. Then, have the MIDI channel play back to Arduino, and have it translate that back into fader position information. As well as mute automation, and it would be great to at some point include pan information.

The first question I have is, is Arduino expandable? I will need 1 analog input per audio channel, for fader position detection. I've got 29 faders I need to automate. Is this possible? Can I run 2 into a computer at the same time? Or should I be finding some clever way of using multiple faders with the same analog inputs (as in, having banks of 8 'active' at the same time ready for recording). This seems like I would have to have each fader addressed in some way...

Any thoughts?


A mux shield ( will multiplex up to 48 analog inputs to A0, A1, A2. So you have 3 inputs available to you at one time.