Idea with using an Android phone to transmit audio data to an Arduino robot.

Hello Guys ! :slight_smile: I am new to here, and new to Arduino! I am not an expert on electronic, but I wanna try it out!
At first, I apologies to my english, because english not my main language :stuck_out_tongue:

So now here is my idea :

  1. Make a simple Application to simply play different sound when touch some buttons. (I had done this so far)
  2. Tear open a headset, DIY an audio output, plug it into my Android phone, and use a transmitter to transmit the audio data to a receiver (Arduino Robot) in wireless way.
  3. Let the Arduino robot declare out the data meaning, and let the robot do something ! (For now I plan to make it control some motor speed, and make it fly :wink: )

Is this possible? Because I am new to this, I don't know this will be difficult to done or not ! I had google for some time, but I still cannot get a nice answer for this (Maybe I am typing unsuitable keywoard :open_mouth: )

So, what things should i buy first? And what should I do to done this robot? And what programming language should I learn and know?

Thanks in advance :smiley: Hope somebody can solve my questions ! Have a nice day :slight_smile:


  1. Tear open a headset, DIY an audio output, plug it into my Android phone,...

Why not use the Bluetooth capability (?) of the Android phone?

Otherwise, what would you do?
If you transmit tones (using an FM 'broadcaster') and have a radio (RX/rcvr) mounted to this "robot", a sketch could be devised to determine (count) those tone frequencies and result an action. You'd have to couple the audio to an input pin and so on. That's reasonable, I suppose.
But, since you have the Android...