Ideal board for imaging processing

I'm not sure if this is the appropriate thread, however I was wondering if using an arduino uno would be able to process images from a 640x480 video camera at a decent rate. If it can't, what board can?

The new Galileo probably can (Though I don't know the support for it yet). Beyond that, most of the basic Arduino boards can't handle much image processing. I think a Raspberry Pi could as well. You need something with at least a few hundred MHz processor and a decent amount of ram to do anything relatively quickly.

I see, thanks. I know that if I were to use an arduino for this I would have to get more ram to even store the image, but would you know about how much fps I would be getting? I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say not even 1 fps.

640x480x2bytes is 614kBytes per frame. When saving that amount on the sdcard it will last for about 2-2.5seconds when the sdcard will be properly formatted (saving into a continuous file).. Mind there is none sram on the chip for storing that amount of data before writing it to the sdcard, however..

Arduino would be a very poor choice. You could possibly get it to work with a lot of effort and tricks that I have absolutely no clue how to do, but it would be a poor choice when there are much better options already floating around that are inexpensive. Start with at least the MEGA2560, if your heart is set on the Arduino, as I think it at least has more ram on it.