Ideas and Thoughts - Renaissance Photography Concession

BTW, I did a talk at the Charles River Museum on the history of the steampunk camera, and my slides are here:

As I'm starting to ramp up with Arduino, I am starting to think of things to do with embedded devices, but I haven't had any time to hack in the last couple of months.


GoForSmoke: Could you get away with a Discworld box camera disguise, have a little demon pop out for a smoke now and then? Of course you'd need to set it down before the print came out.

In theory yes. However, the OP is running a photo booth, and probably can't afford the extra time a special effect like that would take.

A pin for an axle, a lever to move with a finger and a tiny demon statue in a smoking pose might remove the need to say cheese. It could probably use a spring somewhere in there.

What were you thinking? He don't have a whole lot of time or money to use.

I was more wondering if Discworld $#!+ would float or not?

Camera triggers in general are pretty easy projects, I've made ones triggered by IR photogates, sound, among others. I'm putting together one that I think I will keep as a perm project, as I find myself rebuilding one version or another of this every few months. This one is the most advanced, it utilizes a 4x4 keypad and 16x2 LCD, has triggers for shutter, flash, and aux drive, and accepts an external input for triggering also. Should cover most of my needs. Arduino based of course!