Ideas for a beginner project

Hello, in my engineering school for this semester I am supposed to realize an Arduino project that is both simple but requires a minimum of effort for a beginner in Arduino (we have learned more or less how to use it in 9 hours of class to give you an idea, and built a simple rangefinder). We have some equipment at our disposal and we can buy some if necessary.

I had several different ideas that I proposed, but the problem is that each time it’s either too simple for what we saw or it takes a lot of work compared to the time spent on the module.

So I would like to know if anyone has any such idea, or if anyone has ever been in the same situation.

Thank you in advance :smiley:

Have no idea what you need help with.

What ‘exactly’ are you wanting help with?

I'm looking for ideas for a simple project based on Arduino (UNO preferably)

Projects using: flashing lights with colour, LCD displays, remote control, beeping sounds, keypads and servo motors are all good for stimulating interest.

With just an Uno you can't do much, as your only I/O is serial and the LED on pin 13.
I bet it may involve keypads, sensors, motors, displays, buzzers, ...

I don't know what kind of engineering class you are in but it might be cool to build something that you can use in your study. Like some test/measurement tool.

Traffic lights is a possibility. Handy because you can make a single instance and call it done but if desired simulate a five way junction with filter lanes and pedestrian crossing signals plus an infrared override for emergency vehicles. Then add vehicle detection hardware to make the lights smarter.

I'm actually in my second year of engineering, so for the time we're not that involved to build a project which we can use in other classes.

I was thinking of a light follower robot, but I don't know if it's realisable with an UNO

With just an Uno you can’t do much, as your only I/O is serial and the LED on pin 13.

Make the LED on pin 13 fade up and down.

A line following car might be a good project, but you have to define the budget and the acceptable level of complexity.

A 'teachable' servo. Record a series of movements given by a potentiometer then replay those movements without the pot.

start at The Project Hub

I would make something useful that could be incorporated into a later project. I would start with a weather station

Yes a line following robot can be built with a Uno