Ideas for a first Adriuno project with no idea where to start

hi all thankyou for reading my thread, i am totally new to electronics, and have been interested for sometime to make the plunge. i am interested in making a mobile device that has dynamic capabilities that can record video and sound onto a SD card and light LEDS to simulate moods. The device is for people with dementia as my mother has this illness. I dont want to go out and buy a product off the shelf as i have a degree in sustainable product design and think this could be a great training exercise to develop my own design skills. Any ideas to the feasability of the basic functions am considering and if this is possible to do by someone who is starting from ground Zero in terms of learning.

Thanks all


dynamic capabilities

I don't know what that means

record video and sound onto a SD card

I don't think you'll manage that with an Arduino. There are plenty of free-standing video cameras that can do it.

light LEDS to simulate moods

I can't imagine how an LED can simulate a mood, but the Arduino can certainly light LEDs.

...that can record video and sound onto a SD card...

I wouldn't recommend trying to build a camcorder. :frowning: The parts will probably cost more than buying one. And, it's very difficult and expensive (especially in small quantities) to make something like that small & compact.

An audio recorder is a bit more doable, but it's still not really practical to make one that looks & functions like a digital audio recorder that you can buy. And, it's a bit much for a 1st project.

The Arduino itself doesn't really have the processing power or memory for audio/video, but there are shields (add-on boards) that can handle audio processing (I'm not too sure about video), and the Arduino just has to handle the "management", user-interface, and other "overhead".

...and light LEDS to simulate moods.

OK, that's a better 1st project. :wink: You can start with the [u]Blink LED Example[/u], and then add more LEDs with various patterns/dimming/colors, etc. (including "color changing" RGB LEDs if that's appropriate).

Maybe after you get the LEDs working, you'll have a better idea of how the Arduino "works", and then you can think about the audio/video stuff, do some more research and see if you want to try it...

Pretty difficult for arduino to handle any of the things except for the LEDs. You can use a tablet to do the recording and have it tell arduino how to light up some LEDs. Arduino is not built to process videos, but to process analog and digital inputs but not storing them.

if you really want to design your own device, I would suggest a Raspberry PI would be a better starting point, and even then, it a pretty advanced project for a beginner.

Thanks guys for all your advice ill have a think and be right back.... cheers