ideas for a project

my name is Bar.
I'm 17 years old from Israel.
I have some servos, Arduino, LDR, hc -sr05, hc04, and the usual electronics part (resistors, caps, transistors, etc)
can somebody suggest some ideas for a project using that parts and an Arduino Uno.

Take your pick.

Hi Bar, welcome to the forum,

First project I would suggest is go through the examples that are provided with the IDE. By modifying these examples you can learn a lot about the programming language of the Arduino an how to do different tasks.

Learning by modifying may sound dull, but in a few days time you will see that you have learned quite a bit.


water well pump, level sensor
greenhouse monitor/control
helioastat solar panel sun-follower
home alarm system

It would be best if you picked a project to meet your interests.

Use Google to see what others are doing.

Use YouTube to see what others have done.