ideas for custom cable

Hi everyone, not sure this is the corret section, in case let me know and I'll open the topic somewhere else.

I am making a custom cable which is jumper dupont - jack TS. The problem is that the cable is too thick for the dupont pin and therefore it is not robust enough. I'm looking for a different way to make the cable, something really solid (child-proof since it's for children workshops).

As you can see in the photos:

  • I need to connect to the external (middle one is not used) pins (pic 1)
  • The current solution (pic 2) is making female pins but it's too fragile so I need an idea to replace this

any idea?


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I use JST-XH connectors a lot. Much better than DuPont, but probably not very childproof (what is? Banana plugs?).

Child proof, not going to happen.

A dupont connector would be okay if you make them up properly with the correct wire.

This 18AWG is the maximum that can be used.

If you can change these to ST type connectors, that would be good.

See the PDF offered here


If the wire is too fat to fit the terminals properly then you can just trim off strands of wire until it fits. If your wire stripper is reasonably well-calibrated, you can use the wire stripper to cut that 14-gauge wire down to 20-gauge.

This is not a robust solution. The wire WILL break at that point. But it might last long enough for the kids to play with. You’re not building a satellite that requires zero maintenance during its life.

Or just buy the right size cable to start with.

If you’re able, you can use a couple layers of heat-shrink to give more strength to the connector. Note that high-temp heat-shrink made from PVFF is much stiffer than the standard polyolefin stuff and will give more structural support.

Maybe start with a ready made duPont ribbon cable which has female connectors on one (or both) ends and separate off two strands. Remove the individual black plastic connector housings from one end and put the the two now bare connectors into a 3 way housing like you are already attempting to use.

With the other end, cut off the two connectors and solder the remaining ends onto the TS jack.

This way, you don't have to make any crimp connections yourself.

This OP doesn't make a habit of replying to the assistance given. :astonished:

I don't think the copper wire threads are meant to go as far as the section circled in red, right?

There is even a little copper thread poking out if you look at it.