Ideas for DIY Arduino user-fault circuit protection?

Hello again,

I was just on Ruggedcircuits and I saw that Ruggeduino thing, and it looks pretty sweet! I think I'm going to buy one. Too bad it still comes in green circa 1995.

Anyway. I'm actually embarking on a bit of a mission to make my own Arduino dev board, like many have done before me. The hope as of right now is AT328PU, MAX202, buckboost up from 2xAA, and lastly...circuit protection. I'm a bit of a klutz sometimes, especially if I try wiring mains with only 3 hours of sleep the night before. :astonished:

I like how the Ruggeduino has the PTC fuses, and I want to do the same. Since I plan I using thru-hole parts. I think I will use a 0.1A PTC fuse (11ohm), and some 1.3W (0.2A) Zeners. I believe this should work fine? Can anyone who really knows what they are talking about verify this?

Hopefully there's no problems with me "using" some of the information published on RC. :)


You can't go wrong buying the Ruggeduino or using some of the protections methods used on it. I don't think I've ever seen a more protected ucontroller board, it would perfect for classroom use.


I second that, the ruggeduino is a great board for situations where there is risk of abusing the pins.

Why not send rc a pm asking him about usage of his designs.

Yeah I was thinking either I would put some together, maybe like halfway done, and then the kids would put in some of the more crucial parts. I'd also have to etch some PCBs....or buy Ruggeduinos, which aren't too expensive anyway.

So at that point, we might as well just get some Ruggeduinos. :)

We'll see.