Ideas for finger pad switches

Hi everyone, I've been using arduino for a a while now and now have a question that would be silly to consider all by myself, so I thought it a good opener for me into the forum. In the context of a bigger project, I'd like to have some kind of small pad on the ends of my fingers, each of which I could use as an on/off switch, when contacted by my thumb (i.e with another pad on my thumb). At first I was thinking there must be some kind of pressure sensitive piezo pad and indeed [url=http://there are(]there are( , though I know nothing of the specs of such thing or there suitability for the application I am thinking about. The other option would be even simplier: a conducting plate, isolated from my finger tip with something. Instead of a plate I could just wrap solder into a flat disk (glued from below) and simply use the completion of the circuit to set off the switch. As for the input to Arduino, could I just use a digital I/O pin? (I don't have any experience yet with those). Anyone can point me in an the direction of an intelligent solution, doesn't have to be elegant, just robust. I'm going to be using this alot.


edit: oo! look at this conductive paint: :). I could buy gloves and paint the tips!

I could buy gloves and paint the tips!

With them, perhaps you could hit the space bar once in a while, and the enter key, to create paragraphs.

Remarks on post style are fine, thanks. But when are they come on their own, can be read as sarcastic, and don't at all consider the content of the message, they are interpreted as mean-spirited. Not the impression I was expecting from the arduino community. PaulS, if you want to see this community grow, I wouldn't use unqualified sarcasm with first time posters.

PaulS, if you want to see this community grow, I wouldn't use unqualified sarcasm with first time posters.

I want to see it grow with people that can express a thought coherently. That requires proper spelling, punctuation, sentences, and paragraphs. And links that are formulated properly.

If doing those things is within your skill-set, welcome aboard.

ugh. I really hope your attitude is in the minority here. It's just not constructive. Can anyone else see past the lack of sufficient line breaks to the content of my first post?

Which ever way works for you, you can even use sewing thimbles, there is really no right and wrong way of doing it.

codewise: make your thumb set as output HIGH and your fingers as input, and when a finger reads HIGH, it does an action.

Something like an FSR (Force Sensitive Resisitor) might work too.