ideas for mini garage door opener

Hey guys I'm building a scale garage for my rc rock crawler and I am in the process of getting ready to do the garage doors and I would like to motorize them somehow! My question is do you guys have any ideas how to do this??? the door will be about 14 inches wide and 14 inches tall made out of wood,,the door will be going straight up and down.i was taking a look at actuators but wanted to get some input first,,also maybe run a motor with a spool on it and run a cable from the bottom of the door that winds up on the spool?? Any input is much appreciated!! forgot to add I will be using u 12 volt dc power supply 5A.i would also like to know how I could wire a switch to make the door go up then hit the switch and have it close. thanks everyone!!

at least add a security mechanism that when you close the door and it is blocked because e.g. a bike is under the door, that the door will open again (to the max) before it can be closed again. Also a beep beep beep when closing would be nice.

A continuous rotating RC servo motor driving a spool drum should fit the bill. You can either drive it for a fixed period of time (a known number of revs) to control the movement range or fit some small micro switches at top and bottom to manage the servo controller.

Look for "sail wench servos", they should be the most easy to adapt for your garage door opener. They come in single turn and multi-turn styles. One example:

Might be better with a winch rather than a wench, though a wench would probably be more fun

jackrae: Might be better with a winch rather than a wench, though a wench would probably be more fun

Winch it is. At my age a single turn wench is probably the best I could expect for. :D

Thanks for the replies fellas!!! What would be a good servo controller for running 2 servos..doesnt need to be to fancy!!

The Arduino can control servos directly. What it can’t do is supply enough power for a servo. So you need a suitable power supply for the servos roughly one amp per servo. You also need to connect the ground of the power supply to the Arduino ground.