Ideas for my smart house school project

as the title says, I'm working on a model of a smart house for a school project. I've set up the code in a way that a bluetooth app lights up separately leds for 3 different rooms, and two servo motors that open a door and a garage, do you have any other ideas that I could implement?

Burglar alarm.


Send status messages to your phone via a wireless card like Adafruit's CC3000. I'm doing it, so I know it works. Most major cell phone carriers provide a means to send an email to your phone, which shows up as a text message. In the long run, any home monitoring/control system is going to need remote control capabilities.

I've discarded any use of the internet: My exam might take place in a basement where I could be left with only gsm signal


Can you get info from the house to the app?

  • Put a temp sensor in the house.
  • You can turn on AirCon
  • You can turn on a Heater

You could have a couple of indicator lights in the house to imitate heater or aircon.

Use hair dryer to blow warm air through the house to get the temp sensor to change.

Hope it helps.. Tom.. :)


A picture of your final project would be nice. Good luck, nice project to do.

Tom.. :)

Everything you have there is an output (sent to the house). You should have something for input (received from the house). What about temperature? That should be easy to demonstrate.