Ideas for pulse generation

hey guys

I have been working on a project for 1 month and as the project expands (coupling oscillators circuits and adding one more Arduino nano) I noticed that my program isn't doing its task as I thought it should. Therefore, as this forum is full of new ideas and I'm a beginner on Arduino, I would like to hear from you how I could manage the problem efficiently. Here is the problem:

I have an oscillator circuit which produces voltage peaks regularly every time a capacitor discharges. I need to identify this peaks using one Arduino and once it is identified, I need to generate a pulse of 50us width(they need to be considerably stable, with almost no jittering). This pulse needs to be delayed in an amount of time defined by me. For example: Peak voltage identify----> Defining 250 ms delay----->Pulse. Once this is made, this delay must come from Python, via serial communication.

I have already tried using arrays, interrupts. I think that's exactly the way the things might move on, but it's being hard to figure out a new way to start this.

Could anyone help me?

How is this different than your post here: here?

Actually it is the same project, but I tried every possibility that I was told in this forum and I couldn’t obtain good results. I think I should change my idea, making use of a different approach.