Ideas on terrarium automatization

Ok, so this is my first time configuring something on Arduino, first of all, I want to see if it is possible to do, I’m planning on building a controller for a terrarium, it should control several devices, an Arduino mega will be the one used for it, don’t know if a clock module is needed, there will be a HMI, the one I found is a Nextion 2.4” or maybe 3.2” touch screen, as the project begins to take form it could be upgraded to a 7” screen. The first of the devices to be controlled would be a misting system, there are some commercial brands that already do this, the controller should turn a water pump several times a day for different periods of time, for example, at 7 am it should go on for 20 sec., at 10 am for 45sec., at 12 pm for 90 sec., at 2 pm for 45 sec., and so on for about 8 to 10 times during the day, the user should be able to change the times and duration it should go on. There should also be a manual mode to turn it on and off without affecting the timer program. The pump I’m thinking of is a DC diagraph water pump, there are many options on the web to buy them, it would be connected to a solenoid valve, I’ve been searching around but haven’t been able to find the type of code that I should be using jus for this configuration. other devices to be controlled are the lights which will be turning on and off at different intensity at different times during the day so for example, lights begin to turn on at 6 am at 10%, 8 am at 35%, 9 am at 45%, 10 am at 65% and so on so that by 6 pm it goes form 100% down to maybe 50% and by 10 pm it goes completely off, this would replicate to other 3 channels so that I control in an independent way all 4 channels, this with the purpose of putting different color leds to replicate the sun’s spectrum. I think this is enough to start with, I’ll be posting more of it as more things come to my head, It should be possible due to the fact that I can find most of these things separate, but I’d like to integrate all or most of them into one single controller.

That is a fairly popular project and has been discussed in this forum, as well as other places.

Search on line for "arduino terrarium" to see a number of examples.

Hi, thanks, I know it's a popular project, I just haven't been able to find one similar to how I want it to work, specially on the timmer progamming. I'll just keep searching.

For the timer you just need an array of values: a start time and a duration.
The hard part is going to make this user controllable, you really have to think carefully about what kind of user interface you want there.
And anyway, as with all such projects: start with one thing, get it working, then add the next part. Build it up bit by bit.

The interface would be something like this, it’s an app that is used to control lights on a reef tank, the interface would be something similar, or something replying the second picture on a touchscreen