Ideas on trimming a force sensor

Hi guys.

I have a problem I have been struggling with.
I have some Flexiforce sensors, but at 8 inches, they are way too long for my project, so I want to trim them down.
See attached photos for the connection they were delivered with.
Since I could not find any connectors that thin (0.5 - 1 mm), I have tried to glue wires with some silver glue for repairing cobber threads, that were not strong enough. Then I tried to solder wires on, but the flexiforce is so thin, that it just melted away.
Using duct tape to attach the wire works somehow, but not nearly as good as the actual connectors.

I have tried to find similar connectors, but they are all to large (I probably dont know the right word for them). The one connected seems to be squeezed through the sensor and then deforming a strong hold.

Have you any idea where I can find such pins? Or other suggestions?

Regards -Kasper

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