Ideas to display 8 current reading

I would like to display 8 currents from 0.000-2.500A on a display. It must display down to 10mA and 2.500A max. I've looked at having 8 voltage panel meters, but they mostly go up to 1.999. Looked at using LCD displays: 4 row 16 characters to fit all 8 readings onto. Would like to use one with SPI or I2C so few arduino pins are used. Does anyone have any ideas to bounce around? Thanks!

cascaded MAX7219

I've been doing something similar, but displaying temperature / humidity values by simulating the 7-segment digit look on a 128x64 OLED. My precision requirements are simpler (-XX to XXX), and I have fewer values overall, but the idea is the same. The Adafruit SSD1306 library can display numbers, text, etc on the OLED. The interface is I2C. There are also larger TFT displays that might be better for displaying all the values at once. For the simulated 7-segment look, I am using bitmapped images of digits. You can find them on my GitHub page if you want to use them. GitHub - DavesCodeMusings/oled-bitmapper The sevenSegmentBold.c file has an array of digits 0 through 9 in 16 wide x 24 high sizes. It is the most readable from a distance.