Ideas you'll never make

I’ve had an idea, but I can’t quite be bothered to build it so I thought I’d share instead:

A CAPTCHA fridge.
CAPTCHA is websites getting you to decipher text to prove you’re human. The CAPTCHA fridge has a screen and keypad and invites you to prove yourself worthy of access to the contents of the fridge.

The fridge calculates your height and weight (using a pressure sensor matt in front of the fridge with a distance censor on the ceiling) and makes the CAPTCHA image more difficult the fatter you are.

If your BMI is over 40 you get a CAPTCHA like this:

Feel free to use this thread to share your ideas that you think are kinda cool but will never actually make. You never know, someone else might.

A whole website dedicated to such ideas:

Full size robot arm, using linear actuators to move the arm, just like hydraulics are working on diggers. And controlling it all with an arduino.

Ah but that’s not arduino specific.

I suspect that’s an end to my productivity for the day though, thanks :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve posted it before in other threads here, but I’ll post it again…

Imagine a board with multiple ATMega328 processors, all connected by I2C, with a single master - up to the limit of I2C (something like 127 nodes?). The master is connected to an ethernet port via wiznet or some other chipset.

Several of these networks populate a single PC board, with the ethernet ports brought out for external connection. The 328 processors are the SMD version (TQFP); i/o pins may or may not be accessible.

Size the PC board to fit a 1U case; 2-3 board could “stack” in the case; ethernet ports for connection to switches up front. Fill a full-size rack with these 1U cases; fill a datacenter with the racks.

Arduino supercomputer, anyone…?


Sorry crosh, but furbeowulf still sounds a lot cooler and a lot more insane :stuck_out_tongue:

Now on the other hand, a swarm of arduino bots… solar powered flying photophores? swarming across the sky ;D
Offcourse they’d communicate using IR or buzzers or so, something that would make the swarm particularly obnoxious :wink:

how about porting minix to the arduino, just to see how far we’d get.
apparently there are earlier versions if minix 3 is too “bloated” :wink:

Sorry crosh, but furbeowulf still sounds a lot cooler and a lot more insane

First off - LOL - haven’t seen that one before!

However, I thought the idea was to post things that we’ve thought of to make, which might have a practical purpose, that we’ll probably won’t make?

My idea sounds insane, but its not much different in concept (if not in execution) to the Hillis’ Connection Machine (I’m no Danny Hillis). It conceivably could have a practical purpose (weather simulation? neural networking?). Maybe the design needs rework (I2C would be simple to implement, but perhaps a shared-memory 16-bit mixed-mode address/data bus would be better?).

At any rate, I don’t think I’ll be building this; even a single PCB of the nature I describe currently is well beyond my design capabilities, as well as my budget…


Funny you mention that crosh, it’s exactly what I jotted down in my notebook yesterday - a tower with a 328 as a master core and then up to 127 1280’s running as independent cores, controlled by i2c.

An iphone arduino IDE
(w/ jailbroken iphone)

Cheers AWOL, hadn’t seen before and I absolutely love it.

This is one of the funniest ideas I’ve ever read (might just be me though):

Two Cups Of Coffee
Just like a conventional cup of coffee, except there’s two of them in this instance. A huge improvement.
— Ian Tindale, Jun 28 2005

Well, I have one…

However, I’m not sharing because if the U.S. Government approved it (Tehe! :)), it would be a Multi Million Dollar (Possibly billion!) corperation!

stupid government and their hatred of pot farmers? :-?

stupid government and their hatred of pot farmers?

lol… There’s helicopters that spray the wild plants here. No wonder it gets imported… But I don’t see how it gets across the borders and people don’t get caught?

How did this turn into a drugs forum?!

How did this turn into a drugs forum?!

Turn into? What you talking about, everyone knows you have to take at least 6 drugs a day to be able to use arduino ;D

@Mowcius: Nah… Not everyone! I’m only on 3! :wink:

I’m only on 3!

Are you including caffeine. alcohol, and theobromine ? :slight_smile:

I actually have a patent claiming that one can implement a web server (or similar networked app) in a really tiny microcontroller by (essentially) pre-computing the most likely packet stream and storing it in non-volatile memory. But microcontrollers with much larger program memories are a lot more common (and cheaper) than they used to be, and it’s not really an interesting idea any more…

4 counting caffine… But I am on Advair and Singulair for breathing issues (Athsma.), and Benadryl for allergies (Damn cats!)… And as for alcachol… If i had it, I wouldbe in Juvi… I’m 12!

-Jeremy :wink:

No chocolate?! (theobromine is the “active ingredient” in chocolate.)