Identification of an optical sensor.

Hi! I recently salvaged an old printer and as a consequence got this optical sensor. The pinout is weird, and I aside from the power pins of the LED I can not figure out how shall I connect it. I have searched the number that is written in google looking for a datahseet but I have not been able to find anyhting. Any help would be appreciated. PS: In case it can not be seen clearly from the image, the numbers and letters are 9980 S326. Apparently it is from Agilent. PS 2: Sorry, I cant seem to upload any photos.

Let’s see if I can upload the photo now.

Try getting a better picture. The first is extremely blurry:
The second is not terribly useful:

This should be better


How to post images.

I’m not sure if this will help.
It looks like it is a linear encoder.

Try google printer linear encoder

also look in google images

Tom… :slight_smile:

I will try that as soon as I arrive home. Is also important to mention that in the same printer there was another board that had the same package and number, but only had 4 output pins, 2 of them of the LED. The problem is that when I try to hook up the other 2 pins as a usual phototransistor does not work Any ideas?

You would need to post a picture of the part and of how you tried to connect it. It could be as simple as having reverse bias on the led. Did you try doing a diode check with a DVOM? Is there a slot in the housing? Whereabout did it come from in the printer?

I will try to test that when I arrive home. Homewer the LED works, because I can see it(it is red)