Identify Board type from Photo?

I am not able to figure out which Board type I have. Can you tell by looking at the Photo? I think it's Arduino UNO(though Arduino R1 is written on the Board) but I am not sure. Been trying to upload a sketch since many days but it's not working. So think maybe I am selecting the wrong Board Type.


It’s Arduino Duemilanove like. It has FT232RL chip used as USB/serial converter. UNO has Amega16U2.

Worked worked worked . Been stuck since days. Thanks buddy :slight_smile:


You have the "Arduino Duemilanove-NSK":

It is a rough clone of the official Duemilanove: but has the manual power jumper (USB or VIN) of the earlier Diecimila and a place for a 10-pin ICSP socket instead of the 6-pin ICSP header used on all official Arduinos. The additional 4 ICSP pins are all GROUND so no functionality is added.