Identify capacitor value


could be possible to identify or at least guess the capacitor value of the c1 or c2 in the image below?

Thanks in advance

Remove from PCB and measure it. You can get cheapie component measuring things on aliexpress/ebay/etc. They ain't lab grade but they're good enough for like 0.1uF

The brown ones are tens of nF or larger, the white ones are low.

Unless it's fairly new, I'd be surprised if they were larger than 1uF. I'd wager 0.1 ~ 1uF.

Why do you ask?

I’ll bite, are they 100nF ?

C1 looks like it’s between VDD and GND

0.1uF bypass caps is my guess, too.

OK, C1 is a supply bypass, so 100 nF sounds plausible. C2 is connected only to the COB chip, so its value is entirely indecipherable as is C4. C3 (absent) is likely part of the clock oscillator. The "VPP" and "RST" markings refer to the test pads and have nothing whatsoever to do with the capacitors.

But why the "XY problem"?

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What are they in?
Do you think they have failed?

Can you please give us more .. more.. more.. info about the assembly?

Thanks.. Tom... :slight_smile:

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