Identify connectors on Seeed "Grove" boards

The new Grove boards from Seeed Studio have neat-looking connectors on them. I've submitted a question to Seeed via their blog comments but their moderator hasn't approved it, and I'd like to know what type of connector they are.

Can anyone identify these?

-- Jon Practical Arduino:

JST 4-pin connector.

JST make scores of different connectors. When you just say "JST connector" most people immediately think of the ones used on servos because that's what is most commonly seen, but their range is enormous. I had already been through the JST catalog trying to visually match the connectors on the Grove boards to any of their connector types before posting the above, but couldn't find a match.


I see a very similar one (only 3 pins though) on sparkfun: And they just name it "JST 3-pin connector".