Identify Counter-Strike beeper

Hi guys!

I'm looking for a component which makes the exact same sound as the Counter-strike bomb beeper[1]. It should also be very loud. I guess 50dB+.

I have no idea how to identify a sound. Already bought one that was completely wrong. Also, I haven't found anything on google because searching is very difficult without having any clue what exactly looking for. So please help!



PS: I found an youtube video in which somebody is using a similar sound, but it's to low for me. So, if necessary, I can ask him/her for details.

If you have the specific sound sound in an accessible format (i.e. one like .wav, .mp3, midi or other widely-used format) then you would be able to either play it on command with an Arduino board and one of the several audio shields designed for recorded sound playback, or convert it for use on a dedicated audio module like this one. You could then add ampliflier circuitry, if necessary, to get the volume you want.

If you are as particular about the sound as you seem to be from your post, that will be one of the easier ways to achieve your goal. Otherwise it's possible to produce a specific sound either with just hardware, or a combination of hardware and software, but it will take a lot of trial and error to get it exactly right.