Identify DHCP Server/Gateway or DNS Server

I am using Arduino Uno with the ethernet shield. I succesfully get an IP Address through DHCP. What I need is to know the IP of the DHCP Server, the gateway or the DNS server (in my case they are all the same).

I could not find anything in the Ethernet Library documentation. Is there any way to get this kind of information?

Thank you.

Not sure if it will work but you can try:

IPAddress LocalIp =          DhcpClass::getLocalIp()
IPAddress SubnetMask =   DhcpClass::getSubnetMask()
IPAddress GatewayIp =     DhcpClass::getGatewayIp()
IPAddress DhcpServerIp = DhcpClass::getDhcpServerIp()
IPAddress DnsServerIp =   DhcpClass::getDnsServerIp()

Thank you! I will try that.