Identify RFID tags

OK I’ve got some RFID tags that I would love to use with a reader.

Problem: I don’t know what frequency they work on.

Assuming (at this stage) I can’t ask the manufacturer, what can I do to work out what frequency they are?



can you post a image? i can then tell you :wink:

Well I can post an image of the outside - it just looks like a smooth plastic rectangle, approx 35mm x 25mm x 1.5mm thick.

Nothing visible from the outside - no sign of antenna loops or anything.

The manufacturer describes them as “IPICO dual frequency systems”

Thanks for your help!

put a very bright light behind, then you can see the antenna :slight_smile:

i dont think its an HF, you would have to be to close (0-3cm) to read it.

more a UHF, whats cheap and still nice to read from far field.

dual frequency normaly means it works like in the european and the us market, what has slightly different frequencys…

europ = 868 Mhz
us = 915Mhz

That’ll be one of these I guess:



Very interesting, thanks again for your help.

Doing some research on those frequencies now…


IPICO improved the passive system by energizing the tags at 125 kHz to allow the tags to start charging at a further distance from the timing mats, and then the tags emit their numeric codes at 6.8 MHz

How does it work?
The system is very simple. The tag contains a microchip and two antenna loops—one to “wake-up” the tag and the other to send its signal. When the tag comes into contact with the antenna mat, it wakes up and starts sending its unique signal again and again to the reader.

nice idea, but it sounds only like a thing to prevent others to read them to easy :wink:

as it was introduced in 2007, that was like stoneage with RFID, no one would do that today…

take a standart uhf tag with a impinj monza and a good reader, then you can even calculate the speed what the runner is having (you can see with the feedback from the tag how far away it is) to get a very precise reading.