Identify SMD Connector

Hello would appreciate some help on identifying the SMD connector on right part of the ribbon (flex) cable:

Click Photo for bigger size :D

Im trying to figure out the male counterpart that sockets into it, looks like its around 22 pins (11 x 2 rows).

Any Help would be much appreciated.

Any chance of a bigger photo, it's a bit too small to see.

Just incase :

Sorry it is difficult to see. Any chance of a close up of just the socket. It appears to be a DIL socket, in which case a DIL header would do, but as I said it is hard to see.

LOL I meant to come back and put what I could take a pic of up on here this is the best I can do.

Anyone who wants to know this is a Hirose DF23C-22DS-0.5V(51) or DF23C-22DS-0.5V(53) receptical, the plug is DF23C-22DS-0.5V(92) or DF23C-22DS-0.5V(91).