Identify stepper

Hi all, I got a stepper from an old Canon CanoScan 8400F. The label on it identifies it as a Minebea 14PM-M201. I found a data sheet that says this is a unipolar stepper with six wires. A photo also shows six wires. But mine actually only has four wires. Do unipolar steppers always have more than four? Can anyone explain why this one has only four wires? Could it be bipolar in disguise? Can I somehow test to see if it's uni- or bi- polar? Thanks in advance. I'm a newbie when it comes to steppers.


Most bipolar stepping motor only have four wires. The ones that have six wires can normally be wired up as unipolar or bipolar

OEM motors like this come in many variations for different printers and scanners, the generic part number will not uniquely define the voltage, current, or number of wires or colour code in my experience, just the form factor!

In the absence of the correct data, use a multimeter to discover the winding resistance, datasheet to get an idea of the max continuous power dissipation (which should really only depend on the size of the thing).

Looks like it is bi-polar after all. Thanks for the replies