Identify this integrated circuit

I recently bought a CATALEX touch sensor. There is an IC on it which I am unable to identify. Googled a lot. Can someone help me identify it? The minute writing on the IC reads to me as 224B 3NNA


Photos please, front and back.

Post as links in the text, not as attachments.

Must be perfectly focused in proper light - outside in daylight but not direct sun.

Is this the one?


There are some single gate CMOS gates available in a six pin package, maybe this one.
Has very high input impedance and would react to touch capacitance.


Try adding TT or TTP or Tontek in front of the numbers.
Is this what you're looking for.

TTP223 datasheet.

TTP223 datasheet.

So, it depends. If it is the single sensor touch plate, it is the TTP223; if it is the TTP224, then he is referring to the four-sensor touch plate.

I am extremely sorry. I forgot to post the link to the product:

Thanks for all your replies...Let me see if the one mentioned above is right.

Thanks all...that seems to be it TTP223

Or it could be this, we definitly need picture of PCB to see the IC.

Tom… :slight_smile:
224B3 is a suffix of the series of XC6224B

datasheet.pdf (491 KB)

Or it could be this, we definitely need picture of PCB to see the IC.

Let me assure you Tom, it definitely isn't that!

This is the article in question: