Identify this linear actuator brand?

Hi all,

I saw the linear actuator in the attached pic on this site which has no Contact Us info. I'm keen to investigate the brand of actuator, so wonder if anybody recognises it please? Looks like a logo at the right-hand side?




In any case, I think I'll cobble together something like this.

It's an actuator for an electric door lock for a car. With some added plastic stuff on it. :slight_smile:


I don't suppose you know the car make and model off hand? :roll_eyes:

But thanks, that's worth investigating.

I'm trying to source that or similar through contacts in the car scrap business...

Meantime though, the site I got the pic from indicates that it's a linear actuator, ie one powers it up and it screws in or out to give a "gradual" movement. But why would a car lock need to be a linear actuator: I'd have thought a solenoid would do the trick?

(Answering my own question maybe: a solenoid needs to be powered up to hold it in one of the positions. I guess with a dc motor turning a screw, it "parks" wherever it was (un/locked) when the power was removed?)