Identifying a transistor

I’m trying to identify what this transistor is on an old pcb. It’s a power output transistor in a 12VDC circuit.
As seen in the photo, the marking says TIP42, and then under that a Motorola symbol, and then the numbers 728.
I’ve googled it for 30 minutes with no luck. The silkscreen under the part label the part as Q2, and the pins as B, C, E.
Would anyone know how to find out more of what this part is, so I know how to replace it? I guessing a PNP or NPN power transistor but that’s just a guess.

you need to learn how to use Google. I got hundreds of results. like this one ""

Thanks! That was quick!!! I was searching for the whole part name. I see the search for TIP42 is what I needed to search for. Thanks again.

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