Identifying a varistor

This varistor was burnt and needs to be replaced, however I'm having trouble identifying it, and am unsure what the numbers mean.

The end of the top line is burnt out with only the number 2 visible, but the two lines bellow it read:


What do these numbers mean, what could be under the burn, and what would I search to find a replacement?

A quick Google lets me know that Philips makes a 593 series varistor. That's a starting point.

Size and working voltage (depends on whether you are at 110V or 220V AC) are other clues.

Don't forget to replace the fuse, if the varistor has failed, the fuse no doubt is also blown.

Image is missing, can't say more.

You also might look here

9740 means it was manufactured in the 40th week of 1997