Identifying cards using Card UID

I am working on a project that would help blind people recognize their location via rfid tags and a reader attached to their cane. I am new to RFID and arduino and was wondering if there was a way to change the uid of each card to a street address and allow the reader to recognize the address. I figured the UID would be easiest because it is the first thing read when cards are scanned and I look at the serial monitor. Any help is appreciated

I think GPS based would be better, then you're not dependent on having RFID tags in place everywhere, or be legible, or not blocked by garbage cans, etc. and you can provide interim directions: "heading west on Broad Street, 200 feet to Elm St", "50 feet to Elm St", etc.
Can acquire GPS database from Garmin too I bet. Go to Best Buy, play with some of the models available. Can also look at,,, or perhaps there are free databases on the internet.