Identifying different component values in a circuit diagram

All of my journey with Arduino started when I wanted to control my fan & a light remotely using a wifi button. … I’m too lazy… :wink: :wink:

After quite a long search I found this particular article that describes how I can connect & send commands between two ESP8266 wifi chips. I completed my basic requirements using this article. I could turn on & off an led at the server end using a button attached to esp8266 at the client end. The link is below.

Wifi Communication Between Two ESP8266 Based MCU Through Home Router

Now I wanted to implement this using SELF SUSTAINED suitable opensource hardware … After quite a deep search, I found out two DIY circuits which serves my purpose.

For the server, I found a very well documented PCB which as AC input & 2 relay outputs which can be controlled using an inbuilt ESP8266 chip on the same PCB. BOM for the components in the PCB was provided in an excel file with links directly to an online component store. The link is below.

ESP8266 230V I / O module

For the remote (client), I found another DIY circuit. An OCTOCLICK designed by Moritz König which has 3 buttons that are controlled using ESP8266 wifi chip & programmed for controlling 3 different accessories using those buttons. Most importantly, it is so well SELF SUSTAINED, that it works just on a 110 mah battery & will run up to 6 months on a single charge. It was a superb design with lots of thought put into by Mr Mortiz. The PCB & other details of the circuit were released yesterday.

But to my bad luck, the BOM details include just the list of elements & the working of the circuit, but nothing much is given in details regarding which resistor / which capacitor in which position. Also since I am not from the electronics background, I cannot make out which component to choose from a huge list of components in the electronics component store online

My requirement… No no… :neutral_face: . rather REQUEST… Please, someone, help me sort out the BOM to the components numbered in the circuit. Also, a link to any of the online component stores for each of the elements in the circuit.

This is the link to his project.


I am also attaching the circuit & also the elements in the BOM which I could sort out myself


Pos Q3 in circuit - MCP1700 3.3v Voltage Regulator

Pos Q2 in circuit - IRLML2502 N channel mosfet

Pos Q1 in circuit - IRLML2244 P channel mosfet

LEDs 0805

LIR2450 & holder - Locally available.

I need to find the remaining items which suit the PCB & their assembly positions on the PCB.

Resistors 0603 (1M, 470k, 100k, 47k, 10k, 1k)

Capacitors 0603 (1µ)

Diodes 4148 SOD123

Buttons (3x white smd, 2x micro black)…

I already have been trying to get the info from the designer, but there was not much response. I have already ordered the PCBs & want to purchase the components by the time the PCBs arrive.


Circuit.pdf (97.3 KB)

If you follow your project path and succeed, you will learn an awful lot about programming and remote control. And to not do it that way.

Read up on MQTT. I control lots of lights in my home using the MQTT protocol. Anything with WiFi can send or receive MQTT messages. My go-to device is the Wemos D1 Mini and my control system is a Raspberry Pi running Node Red and Home Assistant. The Wemos can be programmed on the Arduino IDE, and learning Node Red is not much of a learning curve. Lots of people on these forums use Node Red. Home Assistant is a bit steeper a learning curve. (OK, a lot steeper). But for your needs, it's optional.

Thank you for that info. I have read about MQTT before and also seen videos on youtube of how it is used in HomeAssistant. Never used it before though. I will surely implement once my hardware is done.

I have already purchased Raspberry Pi for the HomeAssistant server. Also, I have placed orders for PCB’s for the wifi remote as well as esp8266 controllers for the devices. I need to place orders for the components to be soldered.

But the issue is that the circuit diagram of the remote specifies only the components to use. But it doesn’t specify which position to place them. I have already sorted out a few of them as per the descriptions given in the article

This is the Article I am using to create my Wifi Remote - Octoclick

I am attaching the circuit diagram wherein I have already sorted out a few items as per the list of components given in the article. A few more resistors & a diode are left out and I don’t know how to calculate so that I can make out which resistor is at which position. Also i have attached the list of components given in the article.

The following components are left to be sorted out

Diode 4148 SOT123

List of resistors 0603 (1M, 470k, 370k, 100k, 47k, 10k, 1k). I have already placed ??? a few of them as per my knowledge and as per the explanation that is given in the article regarding the working of the circuit

Can someone help me sort out the rest of the components please…?? ??? ???


Circuit - Octoclick.pdf (359 KB)