Identifying the running icon from several in tray?


Win 10 Pro 20H2 (Build 19042.1348), IDE 1.8.13

My taskbar has this in it when I have 2 sketches loaded, in this case rmt_1 and rmt_2
It is, of course, impossible for the PC to know and display which, in any of them, are loaded onto the Arduino unless it provides some feedback and there is software on the PC to respond and display information

Thanks, interesting. Not easy to compare as I have a tool called '7+ Taskbar Tweaker' installed. I also have a very full taskbar and tray, so in...
Settings > Personalisation > Taskbar > Combine taskbar buttons

  • Always hide labels
  • When the taskbar is full
  • Never

...I currently have Never selected. How did you configure to get your labeled result?

I can see full sketch names by (patient) hovering, but was hoping there might be a way for the IDE (which must know the name of the executing sketch) to reflect that somehow.


I didn't do anything consciously. I have "Combine taskbar buttons" set to "Never" but I don't have a "taskbar tweaker" installed. If I set the taskbar option to " Always hide labels" then not surprisingly the icons are not labelled

Can you disable the tweaker software ?

I closed the tweaker. With my full taskbar and tray this is what I see when 3 sketches are loaded. One is running and it has the serial monitor open, hence 4 icons.


I had to revise my Win 10 taskbar settings to get a light background. So far I have not found how to keep my preferred dark background but with WHITE labels like yours. Although these show so little that they would serve no useful purpose for me.

EDIT: And I cannot now restore my overall background (in all apps) to white, without my taskbar background also becoming white instead of black or dark blue as it was! Neither in my tweaker utility nor Win 10 settings...

SORTED: Eventually found the steps in this article:

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