IDing a 3 pin Connector

I am working on an Arduino project that includes the use of remotely operated breakers that have 3 pin connectors on the end of 6 inch pigtails. I have inserted a picture below. I need the connector that the below plug will be connected to. It needs to be a PCB type connector as I am designing a PCB board for 15 of them. I have spent the last 2 days searching the net for its counterpart with no luck. It may be a proprietary type, but not sure. I guess if all else fails I will need to remove the connector and use 3 pin screw type connectors, which are not as sturdy as the existing 3 pin connector.

Any thoughts

What is the brand name and part # of the breaker?

That looks like a MATE-N-LOCK connector.


The connector: Male

I believe that the mating connector would be: Female Mate


"... It needs to be a PCB type connector ..."

I don't know if this is possible.

I'm not aware of a PCB version... maybe you can get some PCB crimp pins that fit the connector

Thanks everyone,
I have decided to get some male/female connectors that have a PCB connector type. I saw a few while searching the Internet that should do the trick. I will let you know which one I finally decide on.