IE token problem forum not loading

This is what I sometimes get browsing the forum on desktop version of win8 IE:

The token changes from time to time but no page will load. Strangely enough, the metro version IE works fine.

Nothing new, and nothing to do with IE or the browser in any way whatsoever.

It's just a terrible foul-up in the forum software, a bizarre idea someone had in regards to how to make some purported "feature" work which simply should never have been included.

The problem is - it would clearly be just too difficult to move to another forum system, so we are stuck with it unless the "SMF" forum system which is used here is adopted and repaired by some competent project maintainers.

When you see it, just chop off the "token" - everything including and after the question mark, on any and every tab in which you see it. Sometimes the system crashes for a few hours and even that will not work but - well, in some sense you "get what you pay for". :D

I always do the chopping to only forum address. It doesn’t work. At least I know it’s not my win 8 computer or IE.