IEEE Computer, Internet of Things issue

The theme for the Feb 2013 issue of IEEE Computer magazine is the Internet of Things. The cover depicts an Arduino, a .NET Gadgeteer, and a SenseBoard.

Are there new insights in the article we should know ?

robtillaart: Are there new insights in the article we should know ?

Well, it just arrived today! There are a half-dozen major articles. Will let you know (if I understand them XD)

IoT is getting mainstream applause that's started getting more and more open , It's one of my favourite development subject and this is what I continuosly build and explore everyday from a internet connected bulb to a internet connected OBD port etc and etc endless game! But one thing always comes to my mind that by 20-50 years we folks are going to deal will our houses being hacked our cars being hacked(inplace of being JACKED) and everyother device connected to the internet would come into the 'Dark Shadow' of Hacker's and this is good for me because this would generate more food & money for developers around the world thus inturn strengthening more the need and importance of a Computer Engineer.