If anyone could help, I would be grateful

I tried to make a library for a text adventure but the following error keeps popping up: “no matching function for call to 'Text::Text(const char [52], const char [5], const char [15], const char [6])”

I have attached below the cpp and h files I used for the library and the program I was trying to run.

TestAdventure1.ino (553 Bytes)

It is usual to use CTRL-T in the IDE to auto-format the code, and then post the code inline using code tags.

You didn't include TEXT.h which seems to be where the 'Text' type is declared. It appears that the 'Text' object doesn't have a constructor that takes the arguments you are passing in the declaration of 'S1'.

If 'S1' is an instance of the 'Text' object you should probably be using 'S1.displaystory()' and not 'S1 displaystory()'.