if condition priority

Hello! I’m using a function Timer() that , when called, it saves the current millis() and returns true or false. My question is:

if( (condition1 is false) && Timer())

Is the Timer() function called or the if statement ends when it finds it’s first false condition? In other words, is the order of the conditions important? How do i prevent Timer() from being called if condition1 is false? Like break does in switch/case.
Thank you for your time!

the way you have it now the Timer() will not be called. (as i understand it)

void setup() {
  if ((false) && True()) ;
  Serial.println("did it ?"); 

void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:


bool True() {
  Serial.println("it gets executed");
  return true;

Proof !