If DDRC is declared as input, PORTC could be writable ?

So, I have a running program that controls an H-Bridge making PWM on the low side. I want to stop the high side PC1 & PC2 for a while to take some measurements of the BEMF on AN7, without change the operation on these pins.
I was thinking as long as AN7 takes the measurements to make PC1 & PC2 inputs.

My question is, if the user want to change the PORTC register and make the low PC1, high and the high PC2, low, during the time that i have declared them as inputs, will the PORTC register change or not, because i have made PC1 & PC2 inputs ?

My goal is that, when my measurements have been completed and i remake PC1 & PC2 outputs, PC1 & PC2 to follow the user's request.

Even when a pin is an input you can still write to the PORT register. If the DDR register is set to input, then the PORT register controls whether or not the internal pull-up resistor is turned on.

Thank you!