If Einstein still lived,

Would he put Arduino together with the original two test things of Italy in his famous quote? I know from some reading that he was a tinkerer himself and just found out about this book today:


Not willing to pay the price yet.

Just discussed one of his original best two with a student walking in my office and could use some of the other best two to fill empty space.

Albert and I share a common theory, socks suck !

Einstein as a genius besotted by extra dimensions and too out-of-this-world to wear socks

Boffin1: Albert and I share a common theory, socks suck !

I hated my socks as a kid but that was just because the friction between my leg and the sock was not high enough to prevent some uncomfortable twists of the socks. Where I live socks are absolutely necessary so are gloves and ABS. Do you live in a place that is warm in the winter? In a large part of south China, winter is not bad at all. People wear socks of course but not gloves. Some of them would call gloves hand socks since they've never seen or have the need of them and gloves tend to do what socks do only to hands. :D

I live in Cape Town, South Africa, and while it does get cold in winter, sometimes down to single digits ( deg C ) , we never close the windows, and have no heating in the house.

We have a portable gas heater to occaisionally put in the lounge on cold winter nights, and one or two 9Kg bottles of gas lasts the winter.

I usually start work at 4am, its a nice cool time in summer ( now ) but in winter I do have a dressing gown, but I am barefoot most of the year, and put on open sandals if we go out.

I don’t own gloves , boots, jacket, suit, scarf, vests, and dread having one day to attend a funeral :slight_smile: I will dye a Tshirt and shorts black.

So , apart from the intellect, I really bond with Albert Einstein