IF Long Message

Okay I've got this looong if message that has to be passed through a IF LED to my air conditioner. I managed to get my hands on a doc that described the message, so now I'm giving it a go.

Needed some help on how to take on the implementation of the code, regarding storage of bits - good practice wise.

Need to storage 256 bits, 16 words. What is best?

-> use lots of unsigned longs (why should I use them?) how to append data to a long? I'm thinking on create the message myself, since every word is a different configuration.

-> make a really big array arduino has memory cap right? to what point I'm jeopardizing the memory of the uC?

-> other?

Please give me some tips or advices on this,

Thanks guys

What is an "if message" and what is an "IF LED"?

Represent them in whatever data structure makes sense to you and fits the way you will access them. If it's just a sequence of bits then a simple byte array would be a reasonable choice.