if loop not triggering

Too much of the sketch is missing for me to figure out what might be going wrong. Please include your sketch as an attachment. If you don't see the "Attachments and other options" menu below the reply box, click the "Preview" button.

Auto format your code (CTRL-T in the IDE) and the indentation will give you a clue. Only 1 statement is part of the if(radio.write(...)) conditional.

You should really get in the habit of ALWAYS using curly braces for your if/else, do/while, etc.

Tx John. Have complete RX sketch in attachment.
Have also attached sketch for TX side in case the problem in in the
Transmit function

BLH64 I now understand what you mean but altering that made no difference to my problem.
Tx for the advice though I will try to ensure I do this in the future.


Sketch Rx continues sending.txt (5.15 KB)

Sketch Tx continues sending.txt (9.22 KB)