If Or

Should I be using the else command or the OR command.

Cannot find a clear OR statement for what I am trying to do.

I want to do this in correct syntax

if (input == 1001) or (input == 1001) then do something. Hope the illegal code shows what I want to do.


If input is 1001 or input is (still) 1001. No, it isn't clear what you want.

Thanks AWOL, sorry I thought that showed what I want, then

IF X=10 or X=2000

do something


I could do

If X=10

do something

If X = 2000

do something

But that uses more code to do the same operation

EDIT Maybe I should use If And If?

if ( (X == 10) || (X == 2000) )
  //execute the code here

Many Many thanks, just what I wanted. I don't know why I got the earlieranswer, never mind have a good XMAS when arrives and NewYear