if possible connect 3 arduino between bluetooth

hello to all .. know if it' s possible to connect 3 arduinos between them through bluetooth .. that is 1 arduino that sends data and the other 2 that receive and execute operations at the same time.. if it's possible, please also write the code, libraries to use and how it is possible.. thanks more.. see you soon.. :)

To my knowledge it isn't possible. Bluetooth devices are paired and a pair includes two members not three. You can use ZigBee modules for stuff like this. I think even the 433MHz transceivers may be a good choice for your project. If you tell us more about your project (and not about how you think it should be solved) we may help you more.

thank you very much.. my project is to come to 1 arduino midi notes, this signal must be sent to Bluetooth to other 2 arduino that simultaneously conduct actions.. ZigBee works with bluetooth? thanks more.. see you soon.. :)

Why does it have to be Bluetooth? Zigbee uses a different standard and is not BT compatible.

in my project i have to use just BT.. there is a way to connect 3 arduino with BT? thanks more..

there is a way to connect 3 arduino with BT?

Theoretically yes, you can pair with the first device, send your data, remove the pairing and pair with the next device and send your data to that device too. In my opinion this is overly complex and error prone. My advice: convince whoever gave you the order to use Bluetooth to choose another wireless communication system.

Maybe use two BT modules in master mode on one arduino and one slave mode BT module per arduino on the other two.