if SendATCmdWaitResp is for AT+CIFSR, what response string should i put in?

Hi all,

if this has already been answered, pls help to provide the link, thank you. (i've checked the forum, seems there is no question on this yet)

my problem is that the IP varies, so there would not be a fix string to put into the SendATCmdWaitResp function.

Any suggestion for a workaround?

I got the same issue asking for the GSM module's IMEI. You might use this simple function:

String SendAT(const char* cmd,
              unsigned long timeout = 2000)
    GSM3ShieldV1DirectModemProvider modemAccess;
    return modemAccess.writeModemCommand(cmd, timeout);

If you want to have better response time from 'writeModemCommand' please take a look to this: A faster 'writeModemCommand' based on timeout instead of delay

HTH, Cabbi