If some volunteer update the Pro Mini bootloader, could it be changed?


As everyone should know, there is a problem with the bootloader and the watchdog, which causes the uC to hang, leaving only the LED (pin 13) flashing at about 10Hz.

The vast majority who have purchased the Pro Mini board are reprogramming the Arduino UNO bootloader, but every time you buy a new card, will you have to fix it? That's ugly for such a large community.

In 2016 an Issue was opened, but one user commented that there would be no more fixes because the Pro Mini would no longer be produced.

So I'm asking, if someone corrects the bootloader, could that file be released along with the next IDE (1.9.x)?

Who do you expect to replace the bootloader, if the minis are no longer being manufactured by Arduino?

I mean, you could probably get Sparkfun to install a newer bootloader (if they haven't already), but ... you're not buying your Minis from Sparkfun, are you? The chances that any change to the official bootloader in the Arduino repository would be picked up by (all of the many) Chinese vendors selling pro-mini clones are slim.

I recently mentioned the Nano bootloader change to someone from HiLetgo, a Chinese clone manufacturer. I explained the watchdog boot loop issue with the old bootloader. They weren't aware of any of this and seemed very grateful I had brought it to their attention. I might have to buy one of their Nanos in a few months to see whether that information translated into action.

In the case of the Nano there is more incentive for clone makers to make the change since the way Arduino did the change caused the default Tools > Processor menu selection to no longer be compatible with boards using the old bootloader. It might be a tougher sell to convince them to make a change only to fix the watchdog issue.