If statement does not work! What am i doing wrong?

It would be useful to other unfortunates who pass this way if you would post your "fix". - it would at least go some way to repay the time and effort others have put into your problem.

Don’t think there is one

Sorry for 'nagging' about fundamental problems with your code that create a maintenance and update nightmare. Fortunately, this nightmare is all yours to deal with. Good luck.

Yes, nice this code of yours helped me a lot .

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I prefer structuring your if statement as follows:

if ( ( smsString == "Test" ) && ( Ontvanger == "+3161234567" ) ) {

This way, it's more obvious what your test conditions are and you are not relying on precedence of operations.

I’ll have to check and fix my experiment where the extra parentheses did not cause a problem!


There are cases when you need parentheses, but in this case they make no difference.

The parentheses are unnecessary - the precedence of the assignment operators is lower than the relational operators.

This is so false, dunno even where to begin. All your "logical" conclusions for what () do could not be further from the truth. But, hey, everyone is free to make mistakes, unless you work at nuclear power station.

No. It is 'false' because '\0' has a value of zero (with or without the parens).