If statement using data from BNO055?

I am building a rocket very similar to those built by BPS.Space.

My question is: How would I go about using a BNO055 to sense vertical acceleration?

To be more specific, I need to the IMU to send power to some electronics on board, but only once sensing vertical acceleration. The same thing will need to happen once the rocket begins falling. The IMU will sense negative vertical acceleration and then turn on some electronics.

I would guess that to turn the components on, it would look something like:

if (accelerating upwards)
{digitalWrite, thingy1

Please let me know if you have any ideas!

Your guess is correct. The sensor can output the value of acceleration in x, y and z axes and there is an Adafruit library (amongst others) available in the IDE Library Manager

Okay, that is a great start! I will look at those, and get back to you with my progress and most likely more questions.


I looked through some libraries. I still need help though. Could you provide me with the library that you think would be the best? After that, I am unsure about how to get the sensor to realize, "I am moving upwards now!", and use that data as a input.

I have no experience of using the sensor

Why not start with the Adafruit library and try some of the examples ?

Okay. Will do! Thanks for helping!

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