If statement with time condition

I want to make a project where if the pin 2 get high for more than 5 seconds, pin 9 will be high and 9 pin will remain high untill i reset it. I need the programme statement. please!

When is our assignment due to be handed in?

Hint: use millis() to timestamp the transition of pin 2 from LOW to HIGH

i made this programme, actually here are some mistakes

unsigned long startMillis;
unsigned long currentMillis;
const unsigned long period = 5000;
bool val;
void setup()
pinMode(9, OUTPUT);


void loop()
currentMillis = millis();

  if (digitalRead(2) == HIGH && digitalRead(3)== HIGH) 
      startMillis = millis();

      if (currentMillis - startMillis >= period)
      { digitalWrite(9,HIGH);

if (digitalRead(2) != HIGH || digitalRead(3)!= HIGH)

if (val=true && currentMillis - startMillis >= period) {
if (val=false) {


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Who will or how will be reset pin 9?

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