If there a way to tell what kind and or size this LCD is?

I'm working on a project and I found this picture

The size and screen type would be perfect for the project but I haven't been able to figure out what it is. Is there a way to tell from the picture? It doesn't seem to be a regular 4x20 but I'm not sure what else to look for...

What do you think?

This is not a character LCD (normally defined by the number of rows and columns like you indicated) but actually a graphic LCD. I don't know the best way to count the individual pixels if you are interested in that though.

it is probably something similar to this:


Try looking up 64x128 pixel and 64x192 pixel lcd displays. The one pictured looks a lttle different but you might find something that you want. You are right that it is not a 20x4 LCD character display.

Thanks guys I knew it wasn't a character LCD but that was what the majority of the results were and I was having a hard time finding much info on LCDs I'll look into the info though it think that's exactly what I was looking for.

It kind of looks like one of the sed1520 glcds. Those are typically 122x32 pixels which is smaller than the typical 64x128 ks0108 glcd. both openGLCD and U8glib libraries support those chipsets.

--- bill

Judging by the corner of the graph on that screen Id guestimate it at 64 pixels high, possibly 128 wide. Approx the size used on most EFT handsets. Standard black on green, should be available from a wide variety of manufacturers. Hard to tell the make as the screen surround isn't visible and thats what I'd look at to further distinguish it.

I would look at fitness for purpose next as not all screens are useful in all applications (ie, vibration, humidity, light sources, etc).

Thanks for all the replys!